It doesn’t look particularly like an HTPC case at first glance, being rather tall and not shaped like your usual stereo components but after a while you can begin to see why Lian Li is positioning the $500 PC-X2000F as a possible home for an HTPC.  It is very skinny and should fit in small places, the inputs and exhausts are well hidden and there are noise reducing features to make it unobtrusive in a living room.  Drop by Legion Hardware to see it in action.

“Whereas the original began life at $590 US this newer updated version is slightly more affordable at $500 US. Still while the Tyr PC-X2000F might cost a small fortune, consumers can expect nothing but the best, as we found almost no problems with this case. Furthermore, we are happy to report that the vast majority of the issues we had with the original have been addressed with the Tyr PC-X2000F.”

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