Whether you buy the full version or just pick up the limited free version, after a few months the once enjoyable benchmarks become a little stale.  Even though when they first arrive they are incredible and many wished that FutureMark put out playable versions of their benchmarks, running through it for the 100th time you begin to die a little inside, watching for any screen corruption of the scene you have seen again and again.  Rejoice, for 3DMark 2011 will soon be here and it will feature tesselation as well as a very different implementation of volumetric lighting not seen before DX11.  Check out some screens at LOSTCIRCUITS.

“For today, the topic is 3DMark. There has been an interesting shift in the nomenclature of 3DMark over the past few years. We had the series of 3DMark’99 to 3DMark’06 named after the year they were released, then there was 3DMark Vantage and now we face 3DMark 11 and it is only 2010. Sure, 3DMark 11 has not been released yet but it is scheduled to come out later this year – I mean, if there is any later than now, after all, we are already pushing November.”

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