To paraphrase how The Inquirer succinctly sums it up, if you are running any version of Adobe Flash, Reader or Acrobat released in the past few years and have an operating system you are vulnerable to crashes and potentially having someone take over your box.  It seems almost like showing off that they managed to leave a hole that affects almost every modern OS in use but that is what they have managed to do.  The fix for Flash will be available on the 9th and the remainder on the 15th, in the meantime there are exploits already out there on the net.

“UNDERMINING SECURITY seems to be a particular strength of Adobe as shown by the latest security bulletin put out by the firm.

In it, the firm delivers the shocking news that its Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat software have a vulnerability that could potentially allow hackers to gain complete control over computers. At this point, most will be thinking that only Microsoft Windows users are affected but no, this particular vulnerability does a number on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and even Solaris users.”

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