Blue Screens of Death are a fact of life with unmodded Windows installations, sooner or later you will see one flash by, perhaps even giving you enough time to see an IRQ less than or equal to or even an accusation that a recently installed piece of hardware and not Windows is to blame.  For the most part you won’t even have a chance to see that much and if you have not turned on the built in dump file function of Windows the chances of tracking down exactly what happened are slim.  If you do have occasional reboots, check this thread for a primer on turning on the dump function as well as how to interpret the files it creates.

If power is more the problem, or if the problem is intermittent and the dump files unhelpful maybe it is the quality of your power that is the issue and a quick solution to that is to pick up a half decent Uninterruptable Power Supply

We also appreciate our Forum Members attempts to give the staff here at PC Perspective a good chuckle just as we try to in our weekly Podcast, now featuring soft gloves!

I’ve also been instructed to tell you that wearing asbestos underwear and a long conductive wire connected to a ground loop are both highly recommended for anyone planning on venturing into the Lightning Round this week.