The Antec High Current Pro 1200W PSU sports a total of eight 12V lines which can, at peak, provide 1188W or 99A which ought to keep even the most power hungry system satiated.  At $300 it is not going to be picked up by anyone who does not really need it, however those that do pick it up will not be disappointed.  It shook off [H]ard|OCP’s torture test without a sweat, never breaking the 66 Celsius mark and walked away with a Gold Award.  This is one serious PSU well suited for a serious enthusiast.

“Antec serves up “raw” power with its newest High Current Pro 1200 watt computer power supply. Antec claims 80 Plus Gold certification along with gold plated terminals and a special heavy-gauge 16 AWG CPU power cable. This is the new flagship PSU for Antec, let’s see if possibly survives the HardOCP gauntlet.”

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