Fremont, CA (October 1, 2010) – ASUS, the leading provider of high performance motherboards, launches the highly anticipated Republic of Gamers (ROG) Crosshair IV Extreme motherboard in North America today. Featuring a class leading design and innovative features, the Crosshair IV Extreme sets a new standard for a world class enthusiast motherboard based on an AMD chipset. Rigorously tested and approved by leading enthusiasts, the Extreme series is engineered from the ground up for exceptional performance, stability, overclocking prowess, cutting edge BIOS controls and most of all, reliability under extreme conditions.

Innovation Design and Features are the standard in ROG Extreme Motherboards
Solid and efficient power management is something every overclocker and enthusiast knows is critical in board design. This includes enhanced trace layout ensuring optimal performance and efficiency under varying loads. The VRM and electrical components have been carefully chosen to provide levels of performance allowing AMD CPUs or high frequency DDR3 to reach new levels of performance. The use of high quality chokes, capacitors and effective heatsink assembly ensure leading performance in all aspects of usage.

The Crosshair IV Extreme is based on the AMD® 890FX / SB850 chipsets and fully supports the six-core Phenom™ II X6 processors and up to 4-way video card configurations utilizing AMD CrossfireX™ technology. ASUS also implemented emerging technologies such as ASUS’ CrossLinx 3™ technology with the innovative Lucid® HYDRALOGIX™ engine.

New features helping to differentiate the Crosshair IV Extreme from other motherboards whether it is in gaming or overclocking are:

CrossLinx 3 Technology
With ASUS CrossLinx 3 technology, Crosshair IV Extreme users gain the ability to mix and match multiple graphics cards from both NVIDIA and AMD, including models of different GPU generations as well as offering 2-way and 3-way NVIDIA® GeForce™ support. This technology uses the Lucid HYDRALOGIX engine, which bridges various graphics cards to enable their simultaneous usage. By removing compatibility hurdles, CrossLinx 3 makes it possible to experiment with different configurations of graphics cards for maximum performance.

ROG Connect and RC Bluetooth
The award winning and community praised ROG Connect hardware / software implementation offers class leading overclocking and monitoring tools that can be controlled with a smartphone or a separate computer via quick connects technology to ensure the best possible overclocking experience. With the Crosshair IV Extreme ASUS is excited to introduce remote overclocking support using the Apple® iPad™, iPod Touch™ and iPhone™. In addition ROG Connect Bluetooth allows for normal Bluetooth functionality when not in ROG Connect mode.

USB BIOS Flashback and Dual Bios
Continuing the trend of providing class leading features and functional designs ASUS implemented the award winning USB BIOS Flashback technology on the Crosshair IV Extreme. USB Bios Flashback offers low-level bios flashing without the need to mount or install a CPU, memory, or graphics card. This allows for the easiest and quickest way to ensure the newest bios is in place prior to setting up a system. All that is required is a flash drive, the BIOS ROM file and connection to the ROG Connect USB port with standby power.

With ASUS’ dual BIOS technology, users can keep two unique BIOS versions for different purposes. The first BIOS can be used for the overclocking, while the second BIOS can used for gaming or applications. In addition if a BIOS becomes corrupted, users can still use the system with the secondary BIOS.

Next Generation SATA6G and USB3.0 and Intel Lan
The Crosshair IV Extreme also incorporates the latest in I/O technologies with full support for true SATA 6G and USB 3 to ensure the highest levels of performance for internal and external storage devices. The Crosshair IV Extreme features a class leading Intel® based Gigabit network controller to ensure the user’s online experience is exceptional whether playing the latest game or viewing HD media content. The Crosshair IV Extreme will be available soon at ASUS retailers for an MSRP of $309.

ASUS ROG Crosshair IV Extreme with Multi-GPU CrossLinx 3 Technology - Motherboards 2