The new 10.1″ netbook from ASUS has a lot of power, but unfortunately a problem for users as well.  It runs Windows 7 Starter Edition which is a very poor choice for a notebook that sports bot nVIDIA’s Ion and Intel’s GMA 3150 as the Starter Edition does not support Optimus.  That means that you cannot switch IGPs on the fly, in order to switch between the energy saving GMA 3150 and the powerful ION IGP means that you need to reboot the machine.  The Tech Report did find quite a few things to like about the netbook, after all it is the most powerful of it’s size, but with the Optimus issue and the asking price of over $400 they are torn as to whether to recommend it or not.

“This supercharged netbook couples Intel’s dual-core Atom N550 processor with Nvidia’s next-generation Ion GPU. Can it give consumer ultraportables a run for their money?”

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