Corsair has a new AX850 850W PSU out, the AX being a new family targeted at the high end of the market and slightly overlapping their previous high end line, the HX series.  They saw efficiencies of 84.98% to 89.80% depending on the load and the quality of power provided, something rather important for a machine that needs to pull 800W+ of power from the wall.  As far as quality goes, [H]ard|OCP feels its only competition is the slightly less expensive HX850, also from Corsair.  Drop by to see what the differences are.

“Corsair has quickly become one of the computer hardware enthusiast’s favorite power supply brands by building and designing some of what have become the best PSUs in the world. Does the new 850 watt AX850 stand up to the already high bar set by Corsair?”

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