Corsair has aimed for quality with its new $100 HS1 gaming headset, using 50mm drivers to provide the sound and a uni-directional noise cancelling microphone.  The ear cups are cloth and the drivers themselves are placed on an angle to your ears as opposed to being pointed directly at them and are capable of upscaling a source into 5.1 in such a way that astounded [H]ard|OCP.  The microphone was decent but it really was the way Corsair integrated a sound card into the headphones for quality audio reproduction that won the Gold Award.

“One thing that Corsair is not known for is its audio product line. Most likely because until now it has not had one. With its new HS1 Gaming Headset Corsair is attempting to navigate some very uncharted waters but it is looking like Corsair has managed to pilot around the rocks.”

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