Matt had a chance to play with the Dell Inspiron M101z, a netbook which you may have read about before.  At 11.6″ it is rather tiny but hides an Athlon Neo processor as well as a Radeon HD4225 and DDR3 inside.  See what he thought of this mobile PC that tries to bridge the gap between netbooks and notebooks while staying at or under the $500 mark.

“I enjoyed my time with the Dell M101z, but as I often find to be the case, the M101z stumbles not because it is bad but instead because there are other products that are slightly better. Still, the M101z’s fabulous display and great audio does make a case for itself. For example, students should consider this laptop because it is pleasurable to use in a lecture hall as in a dorm room. Buyers who need maximum battery life, however, will need to consider a different ultraportable.”

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