Ars Technica was on hand when the new Win7 phones were launched world wide and collected them all into one article.  The details are light but the model list is long as there are quite a few phone companies involved in the launch.  Even Dell is getting in on the act.  As this was a world wide launch event, they even have coverage from London.

“Microsoft’s latest salvo in the mobile computing wars, Windows Phone 7, is officially launching October 21 in Europe and Asia and November 8 here in the US. The company had simultaneous press events in New York and London today to unveil the launch hardware, including a number of devices from Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung. Here’s a quick rundown of the options coming at launch—all GSM/UMTS—as well as a bit about a CDMA/EV-DO handset coming to Sprint early next year.”

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