Allyn got his hands on OCZ’s new storage solution and proprietary connector just a little while ago, but it was not one that was picked up from a retail outfit.  Funky Kit did pick up an OCZ IBIS 160Gb SSD with the new HSDL interface and while they don’t mention a specific price they do mention it is in the region of $600.00, or ~$3.75/GB.  On the plus side, their review shows this drive is every bit as fast as when Allyn tested it so you do not have to be a storage guru to see reads occasionally break the 600MB/s mark.

“What OCZ has done is to slap 2 x Sandforce controlled 80Gb SSDs sub-units (PCBs) and configured then in RAID 0 mode using a Silicon Image RAID controller. These PCBs are then housed in a 3.5” inch anodised Aluminum casing, and features OCZ’s new proprietary HSDL (High Speed Data Link) interface. This new interface basically eliminates the existing I/O bottlenecks and take SSD technology to new levels of performance, with a max read speed up to 740MB/s and max write speed up to 690MB/s.

It’s not your average everyday purchase. It’s hugely expensive, especially when you consider that the total capacity of the drive is only 160Gb (150Gb usuable/formatted). So this means that only extreme high-end and enthusiast users who’s got the money to burn, can really afford it.”

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