When you read about a build with dual GTX480s the one word you do not expect to be used to describe the PC is quiet but that is exactly what [H]ard|OCP is showing off in their new article.  The trick was apparently the case chosen to house the system with a SLI GTX480s, a Silverstone Raven RV02.  That allowed them to install everything 90o from normal and have air flow running from bottom to top with partial positive pressure (for more on air pressure listen to podcast #125) inside the case allowing the fans on the two graphics cards to run slower than the do in a case with lesser quality air cooling. 

“Take two screaming loud Galaxy GeForce GTX 480 video cards and put them into the “wrong” chassis and you will get an earful of noise. Take those same cards and put them into the “right” chassis and you end up with a system that is almost quiet. Our Quiet Fermi Build that was put together with speed in mind as well.”

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