At just $140 the Galaxy GeForce GTS450 Super OC offers GPU core clocked 105MHz higher than spec at 888MHz, which puts the shader core at 1.776GHz and RAM running 4GHz, the reference spec is 3.6GHz.  [H]ard|OCP was most interested in the overclocking potential of this card, which is what they focus on in this article.  As Galaxy Tech did not ship this card with a proprietary overclocking tool, [H] dragged out both RivaTuner and NVIDIA System Tools to push the card.  After some work they found the card hit a ceiling at a GPU of 958MHz, CUDA cores at 1.916GHz and the memory at 4.12GHz, mostly because of F1 2010 which brought out the worst in the card. 

“Galaxy’s factory overclocked GeForce GTS 450 Super OC is up for a round of manual overclocking on our test bench today. We’ve evaluated performance in five of today’s most popular games to see if this card brings anything new to the table, or if it is more of the same from the embattled GeForce GTS 450.”

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