SemiAccurate has been busy with the news coming out of the new Global Foundries Technology Conference, where GF has been showing off their own product roadmaps.  The improvements that you expect to see from a fab involve process shrinking and that is what GF is displaying.  Five product lines are displayed from high performance parts to low power consumption parts and the future shows 20nm chips coming over the next three years.  GF also discussed the work they are doing with ARM and the production of the new Cortex A9 based SoC we should be seeing soon.

“EARLIER TODAY WE attended Global Foundries Technology Conference Asia 2010 (GTC) and judging by the presentations, the company is without a doubt getting ready to give it its best to beat TSMC at its own game. Global Foundries is readying its 28nm production ramp and some early products are already being made, although this is only risk production with actual full on production taking place later next year.”

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