Of all of the most popular subforums on the PC Perspective Forums, the Distributed Computing forum, the BOINC forum and the Folding@Home forum are arguably the most popular and populous.  Right now the Folding forum are celebrating an anniversary, it has been 10 years now since the inception of F@H and our team of Folding Frogs.  Our stats have risen and fell over the years and just fell to 21st place on the planet. If you have some spare CPU cycles to donate, it would be wonderful to see the Folding Frogs rise again!

That is not all we have to offer here, the Overclocking & Tweaking Forum has been offering some rather non-standard cooling ideas that have a lot of potential recently.   In the Windows Forum you can benefit from a conversation about the various versions of .NET that exist and which is the most frequently used so you can avoid incompatibilities.  The Lightning Round is always ready for you, and is the main competition to our DC Forums for the most popular as is the Trading Post.

Ryan has not yet finished whipping Ken, so the video version of the Podcast is not up quite yet but the audio version is, so head on over and check out Episode #124 of the PC Perspective Podcast, located in its usual spot.