Intel has been putting a lot of effort into confusing purchasers of retail processors and motherboards, at least the ones that keep up to date with their processor families.  If you remember a chipset called Ibex Peak but cannot remember what it retailed as or which market it was intended for then bookmark this page from Hardware Secrets.

By the way, Ibex Peak is both a server and desktop/mobility chipset, depending on if it is a 55/57 series motherboard or a 3400, 3420, or 3450 motherboard.

“Even for us that work daily in the high-tech industry it is hard to keep track of all codenames Intel uses for their chipsets and then trying to remember what commercial name Intel gave to each one of them. For the average user it is really complicated trying to understand exactly what product an article or review posted on an enthusiast-oriented media is talking about, especially when they are using the codename instead of the final product name. In order to help everybody out there (including ourselves), we decided to compile a series of quick cross-reference tables containing all the codenames Intel use for their chipsets and the actual product name. Enjoy.”

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