Ryan recently wrapped up a review of the Galaxy GT 430 1GB, priced under $100 and pegged against the HD5570/5550 from AMD.  While it did not manage to beat either of those cards in some quick gaming tests it does have quite a few positive features.  It supports HD video decode acceleration, Blu-ray support, and even support for the latest HDMI 1.4, but those are just the icing.  The big benefit to choosing this card is its support for 3D application, so with this card and a 3D TV all you need is the cable and a set of 3D glasses and you are ready to go.

“The new Galaxy GeForce GT 430 1GB graphics card brings Fermi and the GF108 GPU to the desktop market after an earlier release in the mobile world. Easily the smallest GPU built around the same basic design as the GF100 part seen in the GTX 480, the GT 430 is solid gaming graphics card for the $79 market and offers a host of HTPC features including full 3D video support and bit-stream audio. The AMD Radeon HD 5570/5550 cards still put up quite a fight about 9 months after their release and as such the market is still going to be crowded with no single dominant selection being the obvious choice.”

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