Ah, the never ending curiosity of the geek, no longer do you have to worry about being chased out of the house to find something to do outside; instead if you find yourself bored there are no end of projects to start up.  Even if you are stuck trying to determine what it is exactly you want to do, just fire up the PC Perspective Forums and you will find something to do, unless your PC decides to give you something all on its own

You could always head to the CPU Forum and see what other members have managed to do with their processors recently, maybe you can grab some hints on getting the most out of your Core i5 760 or check up on new liquids for a water cooling rigHead to the GPU forum for a discussion on the new HD 68xx cards or find someone to disagree with in The Lightning Round, as long as your ISP still brings you PC Perspective you have no reason to be bored.

Also, Ken was properly whipped this week so enjoy this weeks Podcast in audio or video, or both!