The rumours and facts about nVIDIA are just flying today and [H]ard|OCP can start you out with the biggest. most surprising of them.  It seems that soon, in a Best Buy near you there will appear nVIDIA branded cards.  Not cards designed by nVIDIA and sold by a partner like Galaxy or Palit but cards made by and branded with nVIDIA’s own logo.  Charlie has his own view on just what it means when nVIDIA completely chops out the middle man, especially when nVIDIA has depended on them for so long to make their brand what it is today.   Then stop by DigiTimes for the big rumour, or rather the denial by Jen-Hsun that nVIDIA might be moving from TSMC to Global Foundries for the fabrication of their Tegra chips.

There are even two more articles of speculation on nVIDIA’s plans for the near future just below.

“Is NVIDIA looking to make add-in-board partners a thing of the past? Or is NVIDIA looking to supplement its already long list of North American partners’ stock on Best Buy’s shelves. No matter how you look at it, the move is surprising to say the least. ”

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