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Final Thoughts

Lian Li Pitstop T60 DIY Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 39

After assembling and installing our test system into the T60 test bench, I was able to formulate my overall impressions of the case. The height of the case handle is a significant design flaw that needs to be addressed before it is sent to the U.S. market because many enthusiasts still use air-cooled heatsinks because of their competitive pricing and overall performance. 


Lian Li Pitstop T60 DIY Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 40

The overall design is extremely unique and makes every portion of the test bench is highly functional and compact at the same time. I would have liked some of the optional accessories to be included standard with this case (like the 120/140mm x2 fan bracket and USB, eSATA ports), but I’m sure Lian Li wanted to keep the T60 at a certain price point that will be attractive to consumers.



Lian Li Pitstop T60 DIY Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 41

The Lian Li Pitstop T60 test bench is only available on one website called for $102.28  before shipping. When major sites like Newegg and Amazon get it in stock, I’m sure it will be a bit less than $100 to purchase.



Lian Li Pitstop T60 DIY Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 42

We’d like to thank Lian Li for providing the Pitstop T60 test bench for our review today. This is the second open-air test bench we have tested this year from Lian Li and the build quality and construction is absolutely exceptional. The installation and assembly instructions were easy to follow and intuitive to use. I didn’t like the position of the power supply and thought they could have made some improvements to the cable management system at the back of the case. I would also recommend Lian Li make the fan bracket standard to add a few cooling options for consumers who want to use basic fans or even add a water cooling unit to the T60. Aside from those slight miscues, I commend Lian Li for creating an impressive test bench that meets most of our requirements while keeping the case’s footprint small and compact.


  • Excellent construction and design
  • Easy installation
  • Supports many motherboard form factors


  • Weak cable management system
  • Poor placement of PSU
  • Optional “accessories” should come standard with test bench to make it more functional
  • No support for water cooling systems

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