JEDEC (the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council if you were wondering) has spent the last three years hammering out a Universal Flash Standard which they are preparing to release on the world.  SemiAccirate is hoping for more specific details at the Flash Storage Summit in San Jose which starts today but they did find out some facts to share.  The new standard will apply to both CF cards and to solid state storage applications so you might see UFS compliant flash in SSDs but you can be guaranteed to see it in smart phones and other small mobile devices.  If this new standard is as fast as implied and is coupled with the new 25nm process and a further evolved controller then the world of SSDs is going to continue to be every bit as exciting as it has been.

“ARE YOU PREPARED for the next revolution in Flash memory for your mobile devices? Well, JEDEC hopes so, as they’re getting ready to announce a new Flash memory standard later this year with at least a few industry heavy weights backing the new Universal Flash Storage standard, or UFS as it’s more likely to be known as.

The first and pretty much only announcement so far about UFS was back in 2007, so it has taken JEDEC quite some time to finalize the specifications. This might in itself not be a bad thing, at least not if the performance is there. Oddly enough, there doesn’t appear to be a single picture on the web of an actual product, yet we’re set to expect retail products by the first half of next year.”

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