Ars Technica tells you all about the good, the bad and the ugly of the new Medal of Honor game here.  Much of the news is good, they describe a game that seems to have some depth to it, as well as impressive explosions.  They do have some negatives, calling melee a pale reflection of Bad Company 2 as well as the existence of some portions of the game that leave you feeling like you are passively watching and not actively participating.  Check out the full review before you make up your mind.
“Medal of Honor is a love letter to the armed forces. It’s a look at Tier 1 operatives, super-soldiers that the game elevates to near-godlike status. These are people who can go anywhere and kill anyone, who are monstrously capable at their job, and whose job it is to enact foreign policy through gun sights. The game takes place in Afghanistan, with no attempt to obscure the nationalities of the various brown people you’ll be killing. There’s no room for a humanized or complex enemy here; your opponents just chatter away in an alien tongue—until you get close enough to use your knife. God bless us, everyone?”

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