Taipei, Taiwan, September 30th, 2010 – With innovative products that span multiple markets around the globe, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the leader of motherboard, graphics card, barebone system and notebook manufacturer, today launches its best H55 based motherboard – ECS H55H-MU, offering a huge amount of energy saving and yet with brilliant performances.

Higher is better – Unleashing Power
The ECS H55H-MU motherboard provides a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 controller enhanced by a world-leading IC manufacture in Taiwan. It helps users save a lot of time from accessing large files with external storage. The ECS H55H-MU fully supports the Intel Turbo Boost technology to provide amazingly additional performance. The H55H-MU motherboard also provides great CPU and GPU overclocking capabilities by incorporating the ECS M.I.B. III easy overclocking interface. Moreover, without discreet graphics card installed, the ECS H55H-MU plus Intel K-Sku unlocked processor Core i5 655K can deliver an amazing gaming power – 3DMark Vantage score E5500+, that is the strongest performance an entry-level graphics card can drive the 3D games over the last generation.

Lower is better – Saving Power
The ECS H55H-MU motherboard features three main green items to prevent energy wasting: 1) ECS Deep Green technology, 2) ECS eGS utility and 3) fully supports ultra low voltage memory module. With ECS Deep Green technology, the motherboard helps users to decrease a huge amount of carbon dioxide producing under the soft-off mode. ECS eGS utility offers an easy way to control power usage without losing system performance. Last but not least, the ECS H55H-MU is the first motherboard fully supports Kingston HyperX LoVo (Low Voltage) memory module kit at 1.25v working voltage which saves 20% power consumption comparing to JEDEC DDR3 standard under the full-loading mode.

Do Not Hesitate, Just Get It
There are a lot more great features in this marvelous mainstream motherboard. For example, ECS 15μ gold contact technology for CPU socket, 4+1 phase PWM design and all solid capacitor design on PWM area to ensure the stability of CPU when computing at the full-loading mode for a long time. Most important of all, the ESD protection hardware design is incorporated on the ECS H55H-MU motherboard to avoid I/O damages from ESD (Electro Statics Discharge). Finally, the ECS H55H-MU is bundled with ECS exclusive applications such as ECS eJIFFY, ECS eOC, ECS eBLU, ECS eDLU, ECS eSF and ECS eGS – all of them are free, useful and upgradable for the ECS users.

Saving Energy, Unleashing Power – Meet the ECS H55H-MU - Motherboards 2