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Final Thoughts

Silverstone Sugo SG07 Mini ITX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 41

The SG07 gives enthusiasts a better solution for high end gamers looking for a small form factor solution than any of its predecessors. The ability to use expensive graphics cards like the GTX 480 is definitely a step in the right direction and I also have to commend them on adding an quality 600w power supply that performed very well after in a variety of load environments where we needed dependable power for our mini ITX gaming system. 


Silverstone Sugo SG07 Mini ITX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 42

One major issue we ran into throughout the installation portion of our review was during our attempts to find places to route cables and other wires and connectors. This was extremely challenging and I wonder how difficult it would have been with a 12-inch graphics card like the 5970. The 180mm fan is a great addition, but it also hinders what type of heatsink you can use with this case. It also takes up real estate that could have been used to route cables. But, after working the cables around the motherboard and other components, we noticed decent air flow for all our hardware and the included vents on the exterior panels definitely contributed to the cool temps we recorded. 



Silverstone Sugo SG07 Mini ITX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 43

As of Sept. 19, the Silverstone Sugo SG07 case was available at Newegg for $209.99 without a side window and $219.99 with a side window. This case is also available at Directron for $198.



Silverstone Sugo SG07 Mini ITX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 44

We’d like to thank our old friends at Silverstone for providing the SG07 for our review today. I’ve reviewed every Sugo mini ITX case they have developed, and the SG07 really stands head and shoulders above its older brothers. The 180mm exhaust fan is the first of its kind that I’ve seen in a mini ITX case and the sleek two-tone design makes is a very attractive gaming solution that should be easy to mod for enthusiasts. The increased dimensions should still give the mini ITX a small solution that will fit in many different environments on someone’s desktop or at a LAN party. Silverstone is definitely on the right track with the SG07, and I hope future revisions give end users more cable management options as well as a modular PSU option as well.

Editor’s note: Silverstone responded to our issue with the non-modular power supply they used with the SG07 on Oct. 18. Here is their response:

“Your recommendation of a modular PSU is something that we wanted to add as well.  But at the time of SG07’s development, there were no good PSU solution at the size we wanted.  Adding a modular interface to a PSU actually increases the physical size of the unit and there simply was no more room in the SG07 design to fit any PSU deeper than 140mm (adding modular interface increases depth by about 20mm).  There are 140mm modular PSU, but none have the requirements we need such as 600W power level, high efficiency, single +12V rail, 50C operating temperature, etc…  The only thing we could have done was to make sure the 600W included in the SG07 had as few cables as possible and with lengths that is compatible with variety of possible builds in the case.”


  • Good quality and construction
  • Supports 12″ graphics cards
  • Quality 600w power supply with 80% efficiency


  • Poor cable management options
  • PSU should be modular
  • A bit pricey at $209.99
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