The Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium HDwill set you back almost $200, so this is definitely a card with a certain target market in mind and it is not casual gamers.  The features that [H]ard|OCP listed in their review is quite impressive, the card is capable of impressive performance when you use the dedicated headphone amp, something necessary to power high end headphones properly. If you are unfamiliar with that requirement think of it as similar to providing an HD signal to an HD TV as opposed to a standard definition signal.  Audio quality is a fairly subjective experience but if you are looking for something that should please anyone then this card is a good choice.

“Creative and Sound Blaster have been synonymous with high end sound products for years, but have recently fell on rough times. Today the company is back with its high end product offering for the audio enthusiast. Creative even states right on the box that it is “the audiophile’s choice.” Let’s see that statement backed up.”

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