Be it a harmless prank or something a little more nefarious the Phone Creeper phone espionage suite offers a way to control someone else’s phone via undetectable SMS messages.  It is more likely to be useful for pranks as you need access to the phone so that the program can be loaded via an infected SD card.  Once you’ve overcome that hurdle, the program is almost impossible to detect and essentially allows you more control over the phone than the person it belongs to.  Take control over at The Inquirer.

“A HACKER has written a program to spy on phones that can be remotely controlled via SMS text messages.

The ingenious Phone Espionage Suite is coded so it will install silently from a SD card. Once installed it can harvest an array of personal user information from the targeted phone, including its number, deleted call logs and SMS logs. It can also retrieve the external IP address of the phone if it’s online.”

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