DigiTimes has successfully caused quite a bit of confusion with their latest news about AMD’s upcoming release of the HD6xxx series.  Today we found out that AMD plans to announce the chips during the AMD Technical Forum and Exhibition this month.  Of course, we all know this family of GPUs exist and are slated to be released next month and there was even a leak of what may well be the exact specifications of the new GPUs.  Announcing the GPUs at this point seems a little confusing, along the lines of announcing that the sun is indeed going to rise tomorrow.  The big worry right now is that AMDs PR machine is in full swing because you might not see a physical card for a while, even if they are officially launched in November.

“Facing the upcoming Nvidia’s Fermi-series GPUs and its entry-level GeForce GT 430, aiming for an October launch, AMD has decided to announce its latest generation Radeon HD 6000-series GPU globally on October 19. As the company has successfully spun off its foundry division and received the US$1.25 billion settlement penalty from Intel, AMD decided to increase its promotion budget and will host its AMD Technical Forum and Exhibition 2010 show along with its Radeon HD 6000-series debut conference in Taiwan. For the event, AMD will send several top executives to visit Taiwan and meet its local partners, as well as explain the company’s fourth-quarter product roadmap to the Asia Pacific media.

Nvidia is set to launch its new entry-level GeForce GT 430 (GF 108), which should have a large shipment share, around October 19 with its mainstream product, the GeForce GTX 460 768MB to see its price drop and attack AMD’s ATI Radeon HD 5000-series.

As Nvidia started an attack with its Fermi-series and announced it has regained the lead over technologies at GTC 2010, AMD has started its counterattack. As Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) changed the schedule of its new manufacturing process causing AMD’s Radeon HD 6000-series to continue adopting its 40nm process, rumors about the new GPU’s lower-than-expected performance and launch schedule have been circulating in the IT market, therefore, AMD has decided to officially launch its Radeon HD 6000-series on October 19, a week later than the original schedule of October 12, with the Radeon HD 6870 possibly the first for launch.

Several graphics card makers expect to start mass shipping their new AMD graphics cards to channels in November and as Nvidia’s Fermi-series is also expected to see strong demand in the future, several makers, that sell both AMD and Nvidia’s products, are taking a careful attitude to evaluate the two’s shipment shares.

AMD has declined to comment on unannounced products.

AMD’s Technical Forum and Exhibition 2010 show on October 19 in Taipei will invite several of AMD’s top executives, and will showcase several technology results that were jointly developed with AMD’s partners. The results include how to use new open industrial standards for energy engineering and heat management technologies, to maintain portable designs and low costs, while boosting performance and reliability. However, AMD’s TSMC 40nm process-based Radeon HD 6000 -eries is still expected to be the spotlight of the show.”

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