We have heard of the coup that AMD managed with many major notebook makers that found their new mobile Nile processor powering their new line up of mobile platforms but we haven’t seen many available for purchase.  One of the first is the Toshiba T235 which is the subject of Matt’s newest review.  Powered by a dual core K625, mobility HD4225 graphics and sporting 4GB of DDR3 in a 13.3″ form factor, there is a fair amount of power in an easily portable form.  Check out just how powerful it is here.

“Toshiba can be proud of what it has accomplished with the T235. In a single generation they’ve leapt from the bottom of the pack into first place among budget ultraportables. There is reason to believe that the T235 may not hold on to this crown for long, as there are a lot of new Nile based ultraportables in the works – but for now the Toshiba T235 is the king of this hill.”

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