One thing we are good at here at PC Perspective is producing a complicated answer to a simple question.  That is the nature of the beast as it were, where a simple question about the maximum number of connections a wireless router can handle generates a rather informative post on how much it can handle in theory versus how many it can handle in reality, if you can understand the rather technical reply.  That is not the only thing we are good at however, the tricky part is finding a way to explain the technical details in such a way that any intelligent being can understand and you can be assured that we are quite proficient at that as well.  Even a Mac versus PC question will produce good results and our Linux forum is top notch and always up to date.  Other threads will show you an impressive project a forum member has completed successfully, as well as enough information for you to try yourself, if you can handle a heatsink this big

If what you really want are questions with no easy answers, then you are probably looking for a good debate which you will find in The Lightning Round where some threads have been active for 7 years or you could watch this weeks podcast and wonder about the hosts.