It has been a while coming but finally we have a monitor that can support AMD’s 3D implementation and nVIDIA will have some competition.  Of course there are two big problems with this new monitor; AMD’s support for 3D begins with their 6xxx series of cards, which are not available.  There is also a larger problem, 3D TV adoption is very low, many people simply are not interested.  Take a peek over at The Inquirer.

“SCREEN MAKER Viewsonic is the first manufacturer to announce AMD Radeon 3D support, making the outfit the first to push AMD’s 3D capabilities over Nvidia’s.

For a while the Green Goblin had the nascent 3D market all to itself, but with the launch of the Radeon 6000 series of GPUs AMD added 3D capabilities to the Radeon line, including support for Blu-ray 3D through the added feature of Multiview Video Coding (MVC) in UVD3.”

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