The rumours about XFX seem to be true, especially after a chat Kitguru had with XFX seems to confirm all the other evidence that XFX will be focusing solely on AMD cards in the future.  This move does seem to have inspired their creativity a little bit, as evidenced by some of their new packaging.  The troubles between nVIDIA, who have yet to comment on the situation and XFX predate the decision by nVIDIA to undercut the middle man by selling their own cards at Best Buy so that is not a factor in this particular story.  We are still waiting for reactions from other companies are or were once first tier partners with nVIDIA in response to that particular move.
“After seeing this post by our good buddy Fudo on Fudzilla we decided to make a few calls ourselves. XFX spoke to KitGuru this morning and have confirmed that they are focusing completely on AMD graphics cards from this point onwards. This will not come as a shock to many people, as relationships have been strained between the companies since XFX started producing AMD graphics cards many many months ago.”

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