InsideHW assembled a team of 10 notebooks, from a variety of manufacturers that covers a large gamut of price and performance.  All the notebooks tested are at least theoretically gaming class notebooks, though some are more powerful than others.  See which models offer the best value as well as raw power and extra peripherals right here.

“The popularity of portable PCs is on the increase each month. The number of notebooks sold in comparison with ordinary PCs speaks clearly about this. Yet “home” configurations still have the upper hand in one very strong and profitable segment – gaming. Gaming notebooks are more and more numerous, but their prices go from 1000€ upwards, while a really wicked machine requires nearly 2000€. Desktop variants offer much better performance for way less money. Of course, you won’t be carrying them around and playing games in a park, but gaming is simply much cheaper this way. What we wanted to do this time around is prepare a very ambitious test, i.e. confront desktop PCs and notebooks. As 800€ seems to be the go-to price range for a good gaming PC nowadays, the display and peripherals included, we wanted to check out which portable PCs can be bought for that kind of money, with features and performance being worthy of the attribute “gaming”…”

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