If you’ve wondered how, but never had the chance to see the way well organized bars, airports and other venues manage to power the many TVs that you view then there is a review at Virtual-Hideout you should really check out.  They have a machine from the makers of fine KVMs, ATEN and the VM0404H HDMI Matrix Switch.  With it you can take up to four HDMI video sources and send them to four different displays with the option of stringing multiple VM0404Hs to distribute to a maximum 64 screens.  At $525 it is not really intended for use by any but those needing the ultimate home bar.

“There is really not much else to say about the VM0404H’s operation. It’s simple, and does exactly what it was designed to do. It is not meant for the average user, the $500+ price point sees to that. With this in mind, and my assumption about the businesses that –would- be able to use it, I went out an asked a few local business owners what they thought. One bar owner’s first words after I showed the switch to him and described it, was – and I quote- “Well that would have been a god damn bit easier than this mess we’ve got now”. Others were not quite as colorful, but did express similar interest.’

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