The current CEO of Microsoft might not quite be at the status of Richard Branson but for a tech company he is rather famous, especially when he loses his temper.  While there is no outburst in the interview he completed with Ars Technica there is certainly a lot to draw the attention of anyone interested in the current mindset of Microsoft and the plans they have for the future.  Four pages worth of questions and answers await.

“Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is something of a polarizing figure. His loud, bombastic style on stage stands in stark contrast to the generally more reserved demeanours of other CEOs, and his tendency to gloss over what he sees as irrelevant detail with a cavalier “blah blah blah” rubs many the wrong way. Even after thirty years at Microsoft, Ballmer is nothing if not enthusiastic about the company and the work it does, and sometimes that enthusiasm boils over.”

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