Steve just wrapped up his review of the CoolIT Systems Vantage A.L.C., which puts a priority on looks and low noise operation.  The cooler has a few drawbacks, at just over $100 it is more expensive than its competitors and the focus on silence seems to have affected the performance somewhat.  On the other hand, the integral LCD display is rather impressive for those who like a little light show in their case and the ease of which it can be installed on any modern AMD or Intel system are both high points.  Definitely worth a read for any case modders or data freaks.

“The Vantage’s performance results and configurable LCD are great selling points which should get enthusiasts and modders excited for this product. The price point is a bit high though, and the fan and pump speeds didn’t change much because the coolant temps never got above 55c during testing. In fact, we didn’t see the coolant temps go above 38.5c when we tested the Vantage in quiet, performance, or extreme modes.”

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