The Inquirer noticed a change on AMD’s website that details a pair of new mobile GPUs, the HD6500M and the HD6300M which appear to have several permutations each, so there will be a lot of choice when picking up a laptop once the chips are released.  The higher end 6500M will have GDDR3 and GDDR5 versions and is clocked lower overall than the 6300M but will more than make up for that with a higher stream processor count.  The chips will also provide 7.1 audio through a built in audio controller as well as EyeFinity support and more.

“TWO AMD RADEON HD6000M series mobile graphics cards, the HD6500M and HD6300M have suddenly turned up on the company’s website over Thanksgiving.

The statistics published on the website show that the HD6500M has GPU clock speeds of either 500MHz or 650MHz and memory speeds of 1800MHz (GDDR3) or 3600MHz (GDDR5), while the HD6300M has GPU frequencies of 500MHz or 750MHz and memory clocks of 1600MHz or 1800MHz, both GDDR3.”

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