It is news that will bring joy to the heart of any mobile user wanting a big performance gain and a power use drop, the tiny, DIMM shaped MacBook Air SSDs upgrades we saw hint of last are not a proprietary Apple design.  Toshiba is already releasing 3 models, 64Gb, 128GB, and 256GB which can be used in any laptops, as it turns out this is a rather simple aesthetic change and not a complete change in design.  Photofast is already working on a model that will use the ever popular Sandforce controller according to Ars Technica.  Good news for the mobile world indeed.

“Toshiba has announced that the small outline form-factor SSD drives that debuted in Apple’s latest MacBook Air models last month are now available as a retail product. Dubbed the Blade X-gale SSD series, the drives offer a potential upgrade path for MacBook Air users, and may soon appear in other ultraportable notebooks.”

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