The long running CoD franchise has a new member and for a game about Black Ops, there sure is a lot of attention being payed to how it is operating.  The reactions have been mixed, from those whose heads are exploding from the rage and disappointment trying to find an outlet to those who are happy to wait until it is patched to the point where playing the game, especially in multiplayer is more fun than frustrating.  HEXUS tried the single player campaign and gives you a quick run down of what is new in the search to end the Cold War

Ryan did point out an example one significant flaw in the game.

“The Call Of Duty games cost a small large fortune to develop and are among the most expensive video games ever made. For us, that money means we’re guaranteed a high quality production. We’re talking about the sounds of war blasting out of your speakers like there’s a tank practising for battle in your back garden and sights that bring home the chaos of war, like a bunker rattling with the impact of a grenade and team-mates caught in the blast of shrapnel dropping to the floor like bloody rag-dolls.”

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