The Kingston HyperX Max 3.0 128GB USB 3 SSD combines the two fastest ways to transfer data externally, inside lies an SSD based on a Toshiba controller which takes advantage of the bandwidth that USB 3.0 offers.  This adds up to transfer rates that never dip below 180 MB/s in HDTach tests.  Allyn was suitably impressed with the performance and when it hits shelves in the next week or two it should be priced about $2.19/GB.

“The cast aluminum enclosure was very well made and does an excellent job of protecting the internals, as well as dissipating any heat generated by the Toshiba HG2 controller during sustained write operations. Fit and finish was excellent and the drive performed well in our testing. While the HG2 may not be the fastest SSD controller out there, it has proven to be a good match for this application.”

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