If you are in the market for a factory overclocked HD6870 then consider PowerColor’s Radeon HD 6870 PCS+ Call Of Duty Editionat about $275.  OCC even found a little more headroom using Afterburner which put the final GPU clock at 1003MHz and the memory at 4832MHz effective speed.  The big competition from nVIDIA is of course the GTX470 when it comes to speed and the GTX460 1GB when it comes to price.  It really does come down to what features you need and one benefit of choosing this card are the outputs, 3 Mini Display Ports, an HDMI port and 2 DVI ports, one of which is Dual Link; all of which adds up to a lot of choices for multiple monitor setups.

“This card is factory overclocked with clock speeds of 940MHz on the Barts core and 1100MHz on the GDDR5 memory so you get a boost in performance to start with. When it comes to overclocking higher, there is some headroom left on the HD 6870 PCS+, though not much. On the core overclocking I was able to push the card to a clock speed of 1003MHz (63MHz) and 1208MHz (108MHz) on the memory. This amounts to increases on the order of 6.5% on the core and just under 10% on the memory. These increases, although slim, still offer measurable gains in performance across the test suite.”

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