One of the benefits of merging the motherboard forums together is that the knowledge available has hit a critical mass where almost any chipset/motherboard question will receive an answer quickly and often it will even be right!  For instance, if you need a Chaintech manual, this thread will have it winging its way to you no matter where you are, or a Soltek manual if you swing that way.  It’s not just the new boards that are supported, our legacy goes way back.  We do have tips on new tricks as well, like the ACC BIOS option for AMD chips or hitting 4.4GHz on a Core i7 950, or hit Graphics Forum for speculation on upcoming multi-GPU cards.  The Linux guys are also testing and speculating, for those inclined to try out the new Puppy, and the Fraggin’ Frogs are loving their new dedicated CoD Black Ops server

The Lightning Round is a’hoppin as usual, but you can hear the fans whirring in the BOINC Forum as it is so quiet right now.  If you’ve a few spare CPU cycles and a willingness to hang out with a great crows then drop on by!