That is not to say that those not planning on watercooling their rig should avoid the Kingston HyperX H2O DDR3 4GB 2133MHz kit, but you are paying a bit of a premium for those barbs and can find faster performance in other kitsBjorn3D tried it without watercooling to see if it is even necessary and came to several conclusions about the RAM.  With passive cooling the temperature never rose above 40C, making them wonder why watercooling is necessary especially with the difficulties using multiple kits could generate.  They also found it impossible to see a performance difference between this kit and a 1600MHz kit, making them question the investment price of these DIMMs.

“Higher memory speed is always an advantage when it comes to getting the most out of memory intensive applications such as video editing and compositing applications, 3D designing software, or even video games. Users working with overclocking also find a high demand for fast memory and try to push their kits even further than stock settings. To ensure that the memory is stable during high frequencies, there also needs to be a good cooling solution present. This is why Kingston decided to implement a water cooling solution on their new dual-channel HyperX H2O DDR3 4GB 2133MHz KHX2133C9AD3W1K2/4GX memory kit.”

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