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Lamptron FC6 Fan Controller Review - General Tech 26

Amateur modders and PC enthusiasts alike have been using fan controllers and other 5.25″ bay devices to increase their system’s overall capabilities when they are overclocking or running multiple pieces of hardware that can increase system temperatures. Lamptron has developed another effective piece of hardware in the FC6 that performs just as advertised. It accurately measures system temperatures and fan speeds and has the added bonus of being configured in seven different colors to match any PC user’s LED color scheme.



Lamptron FC6 Fan Controller Review - General Tech 27

The Lamptron FC6 is available at a variety of vendors including AeroCooler for $49.75 and Mountain Mods for $44.99. There are also several available on eBay for prices between $35 and $40 before shipping.



Lamptron FC6 Fan Controller Review - General Tech 28

We’d like to thank Lamptron for providing the FC6 fan controller for our review today. It’s not too often we come across high quality optical bay devices that enhance a user’s capability to monitor their system temps and fan speeds aside from software-based solutions. I didn’t find many issues with the FC6 when we tested them for fan speed and temperature monitoring, but I would have liked to see the temperature probes sleeved and something on the front LCD panel to label where each fan is located and which hardware temperatures are being displayed. A simple dial to switch that says CPU, GPU, or HDD would be appreciated. Overall, this $45 device is worth it’s weight in gold if you like to have better control over your fan and system temperatures.


  • Solid construction and design
  • Seven different color LCD layouts
  • 20w per channel



  • Needs better labeling system for each fan and hardware temps
  • Temperature probes could be sleeved and labeled better
  • Better cable management system needed to organize temperature probes


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