With the total redesign of Intel’s Atom processor, similar to what they did with Clarkdale, the old ION platform will not work with the new Atoms from Intel.  Undaunted, nVIDIA redesigned the ION 2 to work with CPUs that have parts of the North Bridge onboard and updated the IGP with a part that is roughly similar in performance to an nVIDIA GeForce 210 (ie. GT219). Drop by X-bit Labs to see how much better this platform performs compared to Intel’s Pine Trail.

“The makers of inexpensive systems do not seem to favor the next generation Nvidia ION platform that adds a discrete Nvidia GT218 graphics adapter to the standard features and functionality of Intel Pine Trail. However, we managed to get our hands on the barebone Zotac ZBOX HD-ID11 system that allows you to easily build a miniature computer system on Intel Atom D510 processor and Nvidia ION2 platform.”

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