Overclocked versions of AMD’s new Northern Islands GPUs were inevitable and it seems PowerColor is in the enviable position of being first to market with one, the PowerColor HD 6850 PCS+ 1 GB.  It is pegged at an additional $10 above the base model’s price and the clocks are 820MHz to to the base model’s 775MHz on the core and effective DDR speeds of 1100MHz, 100MHz beyond the base price.  TechPowerUp! was fairly impressed with the performance though they were disappointed in PowerColor’s choice to limit voltage modding.

“PowerColor’s HD 6850 PCS+ is an overclocked variant of the HD 6850. But the changes do not stop here. PowerColor also includes their own cooling solution and has done extensive changes to the voltage regulation circuitry on the card. But is this enough to compete with the excellent AMD reference design?”

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