Mechanical switch keyboards, the most famous being the IBM Model M with buckling spring keys will cause a reaction, for some it is a lovely sound but for most it is an incredible annoyance … especially if the Model M user is a touch typist.

Enter the silent keyboard, designed not to click unless you are using it as a club to defend your cubicle.  Matt picked up two of the top models of the silent keyboard, the Steelseries 7G and the Das Keyboard Model S, to see which he preferred.  You can find out right here at PC Perspective.

“While I’ve harped on the typing feel of the 7G a bit in this review, it is important to note that it only feels lackluster when compared directly to the Das Keyboard. Both of these keyboards are far better than your normal rubber dome model. Yes, you’ll pay three or four times more for this than you would for a competent media keyboard from Logitech. But these keyboards are at least three or four times better.”

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