If you want to know all about the GTX 580 you have a few reviews to go through, including Ryan’s at the top of the page.  To bring you quick highlights, the GPU uses a full 512 CUDA cores and 16 streaming multiprocessors as opposed to only 15 SMs and 480 CUDA cores on the GTX 480.  The 772 MHz core, 1544 MHz shader, 1.5GB of 4008MHz GDDR5 and a 384-bit memory bus, a slight bump from the GTX480. 

“NVIDIA is back with another new GPU, the GF110 aka the GeForce GTX 580. NVIDIA released the GTX 460 to target the $200 price point and now they are back to elevate their high-end game yet again with the full 512 CUDA core option we were always promised. How much better is it than the GTX 480 and what about that oddly placed dual-GPU Radeon HD 5970?”

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