The next generation Indilinx controller is not going to be here for a little while yet, so in the meantime they’ve released a new version of the already on the market Barefoot controller, though AnandTech is quick to point out you need to buy a new drive to see it in action you cannot simply do a hardware flash to upgrade existing SSDs.  The review shows performance improvements, especially when dealing with incompressible formats as those types of files hamstring the optimization present on Sandforce controller based drives.  Unfortunately, as of now, the price is not much lower that a Sandforce drive, an area that Indilinx would do well to explore.

“Over the summer Indilinx was supposed to have its next-generation controller ready for debut, codenamed Jet Stream. Unfortunately the 6Gbps controller has been delayed until 2011, leaving Indilinx with two options: quietly bow out of the SSD market, or update Barefoot.”

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