The story of Llano has not been smooth, but as it is also a story with many firsts it is going fairly well.  Llano is not just the first time AMD has integrated a GPU onto a CPU, it is their first SOI based GPU, then consider that for Global Foundries, this is the first newly scratch designed process, including the first time they have gone under 40nm and the first HKMG process they’ve run as well.  All that adds up to a rather hard job of accurately predicting just when when Llano will be delivered. 

Join SemiAccurate in an retelling of the story that should hopefully end with Llano appearing sometime in Q2.

“A LOT OF people have been wondering what is going on with AMD’s Llano chip, tipped to arrive before Ontario, now delayed until Q2/2011. The story is a bit complex, but after weeks of digging, we can bring it to you with a new surprise ending.

Earlier this year, Llano was slated to be the first ‘fusion’ chip out the door, beating it’s TSMC fabbed brothers, Ontario/Zacate by a fair margin. Things went well for Ontario/Zacate, and not so well for Llano. The reasons behind that were far less clear than mud, and changed quite a bit depending on who you asked.”

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